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Published Jun 22, 21
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Though it’s not as personal as surveys and interviews, you can learn a tremendous amount about your target audience with online research. You want to look for the same four things you ask about in surveys or in-person conversations: their hopes, dreams, pain points, and fears. Again, look for overall topics that keep appearing and also document the exact words and phrases you see over and over.

I used Amazon to research Spanx, because the people who use it want to slim down. Here is one of the reviews I found, with key phrase circled. It’s helpful to record these reviews in something like an Excel document and highlight the key terms you see and want to remember.

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I used my Amazon research to help develop my first product. My first idea for a product was an ebook showing people how to eat healthy. In it, I planned to share 40 recipes that helped me lose weight. After doing online research, I found that people said that they needed more tactical information to help them eat healthy.

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Because of this research, rather than creating a $9. 99 ebook, I sold a $5K premium coaching product. Although I had only a very basic website, I made my first $10K a month after launching the program. 2. Become a master storyteller You’ve gathered all this great data. Now it’s time to use it to tell stories.

The key is to hook readers from the start with a surprising or interesting statement. Then throughout your story, speak to readers in their language, and address their hopes, dreams, and/or fears. You can tell the stories that you capture from others through your research (steps 1 and 2 above).

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Since I live near New York City, I often heard women talk about feeling out of breath when they climb the subway stairs. They said this trigger makes them wish they weighed less and had more energy. After a recent trip with my daughter on the subway, I noticed how energetic and light I felt as I walked up the stairs.

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